Events can be a successful technique for marketing, engagement, and networking—if they're done properly. Unfortunately, many organizations settle for mundane, outdated, and unimaginative events. So much so, that when some people hear the word "event," they may just roll their eyes.

Three-quarters of executives are looking for greater return on investment (ROI) from corporate events, a national Harris Interactive survey found. That may seem daunting to achieve, but there are tried and true ways to increase event ROI, including making use of behaviors that drive happiness, such as the surprise factor and authentic interaction.

Here are five tactics you can use to ensure your attendees thoroughly enjoy your events and, in turn, ensure ROI. (Also see MarketingProfs' 7-point checklist for a memorable event. —Ed.)

1. Understand how the brain works

If you are incorporating a speech or presentation, keep it short. Your brain can focus for roughly 7-10 minutes on a presentation, and then the brain needs a break, research shows.

Incorporate a change of pace—a song, a video, something interactive to allow the brain to take a break, and only then move on. This allows your message to sink in and resonate better—not go in one ear and out the other.

2. Make a positive memory

Daniel Kahneman, who wrote a book called Thinking Fast and Slow, writes, "We don't choose between experiences. We choose between memories of experiences."

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Cassie Brown is the chief experience officer at TCG Events, an award-winning full-service event-planning company.

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