When marketing your B2B business, "old-fashioned" tactics such as cold-calling and tradeshows are often the most effective for achieving every company's top marketing goal: getting more customers.

But far too many businesses spend far too little time on choosing the right sales representatives for tradeshows and networking events.

Whether your company has experience with such events or it's preparing for its first one, you'll benefit from this article.

Don't choose a rep just based on sales skills

When you're choosing which people to send to a sales-focused marketing event, it's tempting to choose the top-performing salespeople.

But a tradeshow is different from a telephone call or corporate sales meeting, and making a decision based solely on an employee's sales figures is often a serious mistake.

Tradeshows attract a diverse range of attendees, and a salesperson who is used to talking to purchasing managers might not know how to act when approached by an engineer, a designer, or COO.

Instead of choosing a representative based solely on sales skills, use a variety of considerations to make your decision. Look for someone with in-depth knowledge of both the industry you work in and the benefits and technical features of your product.

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image of Peter Symonds

Peter Symonds is a tradeshow marketing expert from Display Wizard, which supplies exhibition stands, roller banners, and other promotional materials for use at tradeshows and events.

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