When you're recognized as a brand authority, you become the go-to business for products or services in your industry; you can be more selective with clients, and you can charge higher rates that reflect your expertise.

When we hear "brand authority," we usually think about PR, online and offline marketing, public speaking, writing books, being interviewed... Giving thought to what you say is undoubtedly important, but it's often how you say it that establishes your true credibility as a brand authority.

By following these four steps, you'll discover just how effective your copywriting can be in building your brand authority.

1. Be consistent in your tone of voice

All companies have a certain tone of voice. You hear it in their marketing materials, blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media posts. The way companies "talk" can determine whether others want to do business with them, and that's why businesses must get tone of voice right—and keep it consistent.

Consistency in tone of voice breeds familiarity, which in turn creates trust and, finally, brand authority. Here are three tips to ensure you keep your brand's tone of voice consistent:

  1. Define it. How do you want to portray your voice to your audience? Are you a serious blue chip company laser-focused on delivering results? Or are you a fresh new startup looking to shake up your industry?
  2. Own it. Once you know how you want your brand to sound, take ownership of it by using that tone in all of your marketing materials.
  3. Encourage it. Create a style guide and distribute it to all your writers and editors so that everyone follows the same guidelines. You might also provide it to outside agencies that are working for you, as well as to those who want to guest-post on your blog.

2. Make it emotional

Most people think they decide whom to do business with based on reason and logic. Although rational thought does have bearing on our decisions, our emotions ultimately get their way.

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Jamie Thomson is a freelance copywriter at Brand New Copy. He blogs about marketing on his copywriting blog.

Twitter: @BrandNewCopy