Does the following sound familiar?

You're struck with inspiration and you write what you think is killer landing page copy. All the essential elements are there: social proof, your unique value proposition, a detailed list of benefits, and a clear headline. You've also brushed up on your psychology to make your argument more persuasive, and you employ all the best-practices you know.

But then you check your analytics... and in spite of all your hard work, your conversion rate sucks.

What gives?

Writing a persuasive landing page isn't as simple as running through a checklist of best-practices.

To write landing page copy that converts like crazy, you need to take a step back and look at the larger picture: Are you creating a seamless, engaging experience that is custom-tailored to your prospects' goals, pushing them closer to that precious conversion?

In "The Conversion Marketer's Guide to Landing Page Copywriting," conversion-centered copywriter Joanna Wiebe shares the process she uses to engineer high-converting landing pages. You can grab the entire e-book here (email req'd), but keep reading for three deceptively simple (but super powerful) tactics for writing landing page copy that converts.

1. Every element on your landing page has one job

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Amanda Durepos is content coordinator at Unbounce, the landing page builder for marketers. She edits, writes, and researches content pieces to help make marketers smarter and better at their jobs.

Twitter: @amandadurepos

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