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In an era when the average consumer is bombarded with thousands of marketing messages per day, personalization has become a key way to break through the noise.

And consumers are asking for it: 75% say they prefer personalized offers (Aberdeen Group), and 61% say they're even willing to give up a degree of privacy to enable personalization (Compass Intelligence) on a continuous basis.

Marketers who are not yet paying attention to the consumer preference for personalization are carelessly leaving money on the table. Personalized emails generate up to six times higher revenue per email than non-personalized emails, according to Experian Marketing Services' 2013 Study. And that's just one channel of communication.

Personalized multichannel marketing campaigns consistently and overwhelmingly beat out static campaigns in generating high response rates, a MindFire study of 650 campaigns concluded.

In today's on-demand, highly digital world, personalization can be defined by several tactical components. However, the widely accepted most common and executional definition is an organization's ability to immediately engage with a consumer when that customer mentions the organization's brand or searches for key terms from a campaign.

So how can companies, regardless of size, effectively deliver personalized communications to a consumer base of thousands or even millions of customers and prospects? These five steps can help.

Step 1: Combine email and CRM data with social media

An easy method of personalization (and eventually a higher ROI on CRM) begins by matching a current CRM system or email data with data collected from all social media channels. Several tools on the market, and even some within platforms, allow plug-and-play options to sync such data, and any of those options are well worth the investment.

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image of Roz Lemieux

Roz Lemieux is CEO and co-founder of Attentive.ly, which enables digital engagement teams to harness rich social behavior data to personalize audience messaging.

Twitter: @rozlem

LinkedIn: Roz Lemieux