Whether rushing to get sales in the door during the holiday season or making sure throughout the year that they stay on track to meet goals, or tweaking strategies on the go or looking at next year's marketing budget... hoping it hasn't been slashed (again!), senior marketers are trying to maintain or expand influence inside and outside their organization.

Fortunately, some handy strategies can help.

Everybody has heard of growth hacks... I've outlined five marketing hacks to help get your marketing team up to speed and on track. They don't take a ton of your budget, but they have huge impact on your content creation, customer relations, and sales tactics.

1. Help your sales team

Find out who your top customers' biggest competitors are, do some competitive analysis, and let your sales team know what their customers' competition is up to so the team can sell more effectively.

Note any new legislation or product or service features have just come out, and whether products or services have consolidated or moved to the cloud. Monitor whether or when a more traditional industry starts using similar products or services.

All of those otherwise subtle occurrences can be industry game-changers. Have your team of marketers help the sales team stay on top of critical market updates through competitive monitoring.

2. Do a content inventory

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Phil Gerbyshak is director of social strategy at Actiance, a provider of solutions for communication, collaboration, and social media governance for enterprises.

LinkedIn: Phil Gerbyshak