When technology is ever evolving, change is the only constant. Take, for instance, the realm of Web design. Design trends come and go. Some may only breeze by while others last longer. Either way, design trends come into being and fade because of changes in technology and user demands and expectations.

As long as human beings desire improvement and expect more, design trends will continually evolve. And we need to learn to adapt accordingly. Often, that means saying goodbye to design trends that are no longer working.

So here are 10 Web design trends that are among the fading; you should ditch them if you want to keep with the competition and increasingly demanding audiences.

1. Complicated Designs

"Less is the new more" seems to be the new mantra of Web designers.

The last couple of years have been tremendous for flat design, including the minimalist approach of Apple's iOS7. And when Apple does something, the rest of the world seems to follow suit. In 2014, in particular, simple and minimalist designs achieved great momentum. The trend is even hotter in 2015.

For a great example of minimalism, look no farther than Apple's website. You don't even have to be a fan to see that the giant brand has been on point with its trademark minimalistic design.

2. Mobile Versions

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Scott Donald is founder and chief strategist at Creativ Digital, an Australian digital agency specializing in e-commerce website optimization and offering a free digital success plan for your business.

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