You want the best out of your digital marketing department and digital agencies. You want digital marketing that makes an emotional connection with consumers, propels your brand across technology platforms, and engages audiences in digital channels with real value to your brand.

As we continue to ask for the most out of our digital campaigns, we need to look at where it starts—with the digital brief.

Most briefs are simply too long, too specific, and too tactical. The inspired digital creative—the work that connects with audiences, propels fandom, builds brands in the digital world—doesn't start with a technology mandatory or an app-vs.-website specificity.

At our agency we looked at our history of writing briefs and working with brands all over the world, and we distilled our observations into a set of simple, applicable guidelines that can help any marketer create a better digital brief.

Here are four principles that will lead to better digital briefs.

1. Start with an insight

You understand your product, your sales cycles, your brand strengths and challenges, and your retail channels. And, most important, you understand your consumer. So shouldn't your brief help demonstrate that clearly?

A pure, simple universal truth about your consumer can be the single most valuable thing in your digital brief. Your ability to frame a real brand insight with your audience can provide the foundational first brick.

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image of Jeff Roach

Jeff Roach is the chief strategy officer and group executive creative director of digital youth engagement agency Fuel. He helps brands around the world create meaningful digital experiences with global youth audiences.

LinkedIn: Jeff Roach