Salespeople spend a whopping 30 hours per month searching for and creating marketing collateral, according to the American Marketing Association. That's a lot of time to spend on something they really shouldn't have to do...

Where are all those materials that are constantly being created by the marketing department? Some 60-70% of content produced by B2B marketing departments is unused, Sirius Decisions has found.

Companies are wasting massive amounts of time and resources on materials that are not exactly what sales teams need, or Sales simply doesn't know that they're there.

So what can be done to provide Sales the effective tools it needs? Here's a look at the core of the problem and how to fix it.

The Problem of Being Reactionary

This scenario can play out in a variety of ways, and you've probably encountered it:

  • A salesperson is having a conversation with a prospect who is inches away from buying... if only there were a perfect one-pager he could show to send the prospect over the edge.
  • The salesperson comes knocking on Marketing's door, asking for that sales tool.
  • Or, worse, he tries to put one together himself. That's a problem, because he will likely miss key branding aspects and possibly present a shoddy image to his audience. It's not his fault; he's not a designer or a writer.
  • On the other hand, if Marketing is able to whip up the requested tool in a more appealing, branding-aligned way, doing so detracts from Marketing's current to-do list and the effort isn't given the time it deserves.

Such reaction-based tool creation happens every day, and it increases both Marketing's list of projects and Sales' frustration because sales teams inevitably feel they never get the tools they need.

Each department has real needs and urgent projects to contend with, so how can sales tools be properly put into the mix to get actual results?

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Mark Yeager is principal and chief strategy officer of technology marketing company Yeager.

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