Let's imagine for a moment that someone lands on your website. Not just any someone—but a dream-client-type someone. This person would be amazing to work with, and (at this moment) it's all up to your website to reel 'em in.

This person starts reading your copy and the words are jumping out at him.

He is thinking to himself: "This person gets me."

He reads on and is so enchanted by the story you are telling that he clicks over to your services page. Things keep getting better, because your service descriptions are so spot-on, he immediately feels the desire to trade his cold hard cash for the chance to work with you.

Sound too good to be true? It doesn't have to be.

The Web is chock-full of boring copy. But your website doesn't need to mingle with that group.

Creating copy that connects with your audience is easier than you think. But it's not enough to just "talk benefits" and "use your own voice" (and other such vague advice you've likely run across).

Instead, you need ultra-specific tactics that you can put to use on your own website. Here is a list of five such tactics (plus a bonus if you read until the end. Yes, that's a bribe).

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