We're living in the era of Big Data. We know more about ourselves—our spending patterns, our TV-watching habits, our Web searches, our education levels—than ever before.

For marketers, all that information is priceless. A solid understanding of data can help a marketer target niche audiences, sell more products, win new clients, forecast trends, make smart media buys, and do much more.

But, before any of that, a marketer needs to understand how to look at and how to present data.

How well data and research are integrated into a presentation or pitch can make or break it. But not every marketer is a natural-born data geek. How can you work staid data points into a compelling presentation?

Here are 10 tips for the novice data presenter.

Do: Tell audience members something they don't already know.

Storytelling is important because stories bring meaning to data. Look for patterns and trends in your data, and soon a story arc will emerge.

A specific anecdote culled from a data set shows your audiences that you understand their marketplace, their competition, their needs, and the context they are operating in. For instance, if you're marketing a seasonal promotion for a restaurant, find the top five TV networks for viewers in the area who currently eat at the restaurant at least once a week.

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image of Josh Knauer

Josh Knauer is a co-founder and the CEO and president of Rhiza, an emerging leader in marketing analytics, offering online tools that make Big Data actionable for marketers and salespeople.

LinkedIn: Josh Knauer