Here's a tried and true way to dramatically increase content success on Facebook: Post engaging content!

Easier said than done, of course...

But the starting point is your overall approach to content. Many Facebook managers start the content creation process from their organization's perspective, with a goal to share their story and their message. Because the organization's message is the most important thing, it seems the logical place for beginning the creative process.

However, if you approach the content creation process in exactly the opposite manner—with your fans' needs first... with your organization's messages, campaigns, and values as resources to serve up the content your fans need—your content will consistently engage more people, earn more reach, and ultimately have a larger impact.

Here are seven habits of engaging Facebook content creators.

Habit No. 1: Understanding Your Audience

Before you even begin posting content, you should evaluate and gain a solid idea of your audience: "Does it consist of women, seniors, Americans...?" If you have Facebook personas, that's even better.

However, the people you want to be interacting with via your content may be different from those who are actually engaging with your content.

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Drew Bernard is the founder and CEO of, where he helps nonprofits and political campaigns engage supporters in social media.

Twitter: @drewbernard