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Today's marketing environment is noisy and crowded. It's like standing in a packed ballroom where everyone is shouting at once.

The good news is we have many new techniques and tools available to promote our products and services. The bad news is the chaos and clutter get increasingly worse as more and more organizations adopt those tools.

How do you get heard above all the noise?

Take these key steps:

  • Understand and internalize the timeless truths of marketing.
  • Get up to speed on today's new digital realities.
  • Focus on the momentum factors that can make or break a marketing team.

1. The timeless truths of marketing haven't changed in centuries

As much as marketing has evolved in the last decade, the core principles of marketing—what I call the "dynamic market leverage factors"—haven't changed in hundreds of years:

  • Strategy: Start with a business strategy that effectively anticipates customer, market, technology, and business needs.
  • Products and services: Have a quality offering that meets customer needs (both stated and unstated) better than the available alternatives.
  • Customers: Understand as much as you can about your prospects and customers—who they are, what they need and want, and how you can best improve their condition.
  • Market analysis: Understand the market in which you compete, including as much as possible about the industry and competitors.
  • Brand: Build a strong brand and reputation in the minds of all key audiences—customers, partners, employees, shareholders, the local community, and others.
  • Communication: Effectively communicate the value you provide so as to generate demand.
  • Sales channels: Provide the right tools to enable those who sell and recommend your product to be successful.
  • Operations: Deliver, track, and analyze your marketing efforts to understand what's working and where changes should be made.

Those have been the keys to marketing from the days of farmers' gathering in a town square to today's global online marketplace. Marketers ignore them at their peril.

2. But we live in a world of new digital realities

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Linda J. Popky is principal at Leverage2Market Associates. A strategic marketing expert, she is the author of the new book Marketing Above the Noise: Achieve Strategic Advantage With Marketing That Matters.

LinkedIn: Linda Popky

Twitter: @popky