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How to Use Analytics to Prove the Impact of YouTube Marketing

by Mark Hansen  |  
July 21, 2015

Some 80% of Internet users recall having watched an online video ad in the previous month. Of that group, 46% took some action after watching the video: visiting the brand's website, searching for more information, or purchasing the product featured in the ad.

If you're a brand using online video marketing, those are some great statistics.

But if you're investing time and dollars into YouTube marketing, you also want to know a lot more than that. You want to know the impact your videos are having on your business: Are people watching your videos? If they are, who is watching? And what are they doing after they watch?

Such insights enable you to improve your strategy, increase your ROI, and measure your success.

Your first step is to determine your video marketing goals—i.e., what end result are you looking for? A clear goal will guide you as you're measuring the impact of your videos, and it will help you identify the most important metrics to track.

If you're trying to raise brand awareness, then success may be measured by the number of likes or shares your videos receive. If you're trying to increase sales, then you want to measure click-throughs to your website and, ultimately, direct conversions.

Once your goals are set, both YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics can provide data to help measure success, including who is watching your videos, for how long, and from where.

By using the strengths of each analytics tool, you can get a more complete view of the impact your videos are having.

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Mark Hansen is the founder and president of Megalytic, a tool for building insightful and better-looking Web analytics marketing reports.

Twitter: @markdhansen

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  • by Thu Jul 23, 2015 via web

    Great information! Analytics is the best way to measure our success. You can also try Gostats its a best alternative to GA. I used it & it gives accurate information about social media's traffic like the popular pages, links, videos etc.

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