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Seven Tools for Creating Infographics Without Using Photoshop

by Tamas Torok  |  
July 24, 2015

How can you create beautiful infographics without using Photoshop?

I'm not a Photoshop expert, so I take days to create a basic infographic. I'm a Paint ninja, but I can't create nice infographics by using Paint. So I searched for fast, easy, and cheap (even free) alternatives.

I've outlined the most important aspects of each tool I found:

  • Free version: Is a free version or free trial available?
  • Restrictions: What are the restrictions of the free version?
  • Price and pro functions: What are the new features if you pay?
  • Usability and design: What does the interface look like? Is it easy to use?
  • Templates: How many templates are available in the free version?
  • Objects: How many objects are available in the free version?
  • Charts: How many charts are available in the free version?
  • Customizability: The extent of customizability
  • Downloading: Are you allowed to download infographics in the free version?
  • Help: Are blog posts, tutorials, or guides available?

Here's a look at seven tools that can help you with your infographic marketing needs.


Free version: free basic version, no trial

Restrictions: fewer objects, fewer templates

Price and pro functions: $36/year, more templates, access to thousands of images

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Tamas Torok helps publishers decrease user acquisition costs by creating detailed, step-by-step guides on content promotion and social media. Check out his blog and guides.

LinkedIn: Tamas Torok

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  • by Mary Jane Kinkade Fri Jul 24, 2015 via web

    Great information! Thanks.

  • by rie Fri Jul 24, 2015 via web

    Great resources. Thanks a zillion.

  • by Vicky Fri Jul 24, 2015 via web

    Great article! Canva wins outright for me.

  • by John MN Sun Jul 26, 2015 via web

    Thanks Tamas for great source! Infographics can be a good options to replace regular article.

  • by Emily Park Wed Jul 29, 2015 via web

    Great list of resources Tamas, Canva is a real game-changer of a tool!

  • by Davina K. Brewer Thu Jul 30, 2015 via web

    These are good for design, some really useful tools in the right hands. That typed creating a quality Infographic takes much more: strategy, plan to meet objectives, data that's helpful and accurate, and a design/layout that's helpful, that makes the information in them stand out and easy to read, understand. So many infographics have pretty graphics, images but are poorly designed - too long, too complicated, too detailed w/out actually communicating anything. FWIW.

  • by Francoise Mon Aug 3, 2015 via web

    thanks for the info. How to you weight the various features? Are objects more important than download? If ease of use better than customizability etc?
    If you had to pick a 'generalist' tool for an obviously beginner what would your recommendation be?

  • by Tamas Torok Thu Aug 27, 2015 via web

    @Francoise Great question!
    For me the most important features are:
    1. Objects and templates (this will be the fundamental of your infographic)
    2. Customisability
    3. Free download

    Canva is a great generalist tool for beginners, this is actually my favourite. :)

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