Despite the growing number of ways that marketers can now reach consumers, email marketing remains the digital marketer's highest-performing digital tactic, including as a source of qualified leads. And email subscribe forms are the most common way that marketers build their highest-performing email lists.

When consumers choose to opt-in to email marketing campaigns—usually by giving a brand their email address to receive special offers, sign up for a newsletter, and the like—they show a strong indication of intent to purchase.

Email Subscribe Form Fields 101

Email subscription forms can also be the first step toward gathering vital data that will help target customers with information that is relevant to them.

In B2B marketing, email forms can contain information fields that ask about the buyer's role in the company, company size, industry, and other key data that's vital for segmenting email campaigns.

In B2C marketing, forms can gather information so that marketers might alert customers to in-store events in their local area and to ensure they receive discounts and special offers for products they've shown a special interest in—all tactics that will increase your email campaigns' conversion rates.

The email subscribe form framework consists of three main parts.

1. Craft a persuasive call to action

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