Most B2B companies are not great at social media marketing. Often, they're too boring, or too product-focused, to engage social media users and develop a loyal following. As a result, they fail to achieve long-term success, which leads management and decision-makers to conclude social media is a B2C marketing channel.

Which is wrong, of course.

If you're a social media manager or marketer for a B2B company, you need to do things differently.

Creating awareness about social media and managing the expectations of your company leadership should be on your priority list, certainly, but you also need to make sure that the goals of your strategy include making a clear contribution to goals of your company.

Your B2B social media marketing strategy should therefore focus on the following steps.

1. Understand the difference between B2B and B2C social media

You need to identify the platforms that can generate sales leads for your company. This is where B2B social media is different.

B2C companies often use social media as a direct selling channel. Their strategies are focused on consumers, who generally have the authority to make purchasing decisions themselves. They don't have hierarchies to cross or approvals to seek.

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Jawad Khan is an experienced inbound marketer and a freelance blogger for hire. You can follow him on his blog WritingMyDestiny.

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