Let's be honest: Delivering a great presentation is not only hard but also critically important to your business. If done correctly, a presentation often means the difference between getting that new customer or wondering what went wrong.

So what makes a great presentation?

Here are seven tips you can follow to create and deliver a more memorable, engaging, and enriching presentation.

1. Be prepared

Most professionals know this step. But, in reality, there are two key elements to preparedness: Knowing your content and knowing your audience. Each reinforces the other, so if you keep both in mind you will have a more effective presentation.

For knowing your audience, ask yourself these questions:

  • What engagement level will they have coming in to your presentation: interested, uninterested; informed, uninformed?
  • Who will be in attendance: the decision-makers or non-decision-makers?

And for knowing your content:

  • Is it geared toward your specific audience based on the questions just posed?
  • And do you know every single inch of your presentation inside and out?

2. Know your purpose

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Matt Spaulding is the president of Spaulding Communications and an instructor of business communication who focuses on how effective communication can create leaders and business success.

LinkedIn: Matt Spaulding

Twitter: @mattspaulding