Editor's note: Although this article refers specifically to app descriptions, many of the ideas it discusses would be applicable to product descriptions, in general, and other sales copy intended to convince customers to purchase.

You pour weeks—months—of your life developing a solution that's perfect for your buyers, release it to the world, and eagerly await sales to start pouring in.

Only to discover that they don't.

And you blame the app you've developed: What's wrong with it? Should I add more features? Did I use the wrong colors?

Legitimate questions. But, often, it's not the app itself that's the problem.

Which is why your app description in the store has to tell the user not only what the app does but also how it'll change their life—by answering the questions they're asking themselves when they shop. And that's where most app descriptions fail.

So, this article will talk about exactly the questions your product description needs to answer to sell your app—and sell it big.

The Secret to App Sales You Must Know

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Razwana Wahid is the founder of Relentless Movement, a copywriting service for service providers who want to write bold and sell big.

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