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Today, four technologies are driving live-event marketing: social, mobile, analytics, and the Cloud—"SMAC."

SMAC technologies provide myriad new ways to get to know your fans, reach them at the right time through the right channel, and measure results to ensure you spend your precious event marketing dollars wisely.

The days of spreading the word about concerts or other live events with fliers and radio spots have all but disappeared, laid to rest alongside the cassette tape and the Discman in the graveyard of Music Industry Past.

Here are four ways that live event promoters and venues can use SMAC in their digital marketing.

1. Social: Make social spending worth every penny

Facebook is your best social media friend for promoting live events. But Facebook has dramatically reduced the organic reach of Page posts deemed to have "promotional content." For example, if you have a call to action relating to purchase intent in your post (e.g., "get tickets"), it will be flagged as promotional and Facebook's algorithms will reduce its reach.

Venue and promoter Pages no longer get a free ride on the News Feed, so how can you make the platform work for you?

The first option is to promote your event without being overly or overtly promotional. Your goal is to simply get people talking. Comments and shares are more valuable than likes: When fans engage in conversations with you, a notification appears in their friends' News Feeds, which can lead to a social snowball effect. So ask questions, or have your fans "fill in the blank," and post videos and pictures (fans love images and videos of their favorite artists).

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image of Kristina Wallender

Kristina Wallender is VP of marketing at Ticketfly, provider of ticketing, marketing, and analytics tools, including Fanbase CRM for live-event marketers.

LinkedIn: Kristina Wallender

Twitter: @kwallender