There's no denying that popups, especially exit popups, work. But there's also no denying that they tend to annoy website visitors. Some people even go as far as closing their browser window as soon as they see a popup.

Of course, that's not something you want your website visitors to do.

So how can you make exit popups bearable (or even enjoyable) for your audience? The answer lies in having an exit-popup strategy.

Most people think offering up a cookie-cutter freebie is all they need to do. But that no longer makes the cut. It's just lazy marketing. Your website visitors have gotten smarter and savvier. They can recognize lazy marketing at a glance.

So how can you use an exit popup without annoying your readers?

Most marketers think using exit popups is a necessary evil. Marketers who've tested their email list's growth with and without exit popups have found that exit popups work.

They figure ignoring their reader's annoyance is the price they must pay for growing their business and list. After all, the numbers don't lie.

But exit popups don't need to annoy your readers. All you have to do is think from your audience's perspective.

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image of Alex Bashinsky

Alex Bashinsky is a co-founder of Picreel—exit overlay software that helps you convert your readers into subscribers without annoying them.

LinkedIn: Alex Bashinsky