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Nine Checkout Optimization Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

by Khalid Saleh  |  
September 30, 2015

After all of the effort you have put into optimizing your e-commerce pages, it is truly disheartening to see up to two-thirds of your potential customers walk away from their online shopping carts. It's like watching your home team taking the final shot, right at the buzzer, and missing... So close, yet so very far.

What is it going to take to seal the deal?

Some 37% of shopping cart abandoners were "just browsing" anyway, but you can take concrete steps to perfect your customers' online checkout experience so they don't click away. And don't worry about the outside factors in your customer's lives that stop them from buying; there's plenty that's within your control.

1. Be transparent about additional fees or taxes—and offer free shipping

Nothing scares customers away faster than processing fees, sales tax, and inflated shipping costs. You can't do much about taxes, but you can make them readily apparent to your customers by adding a sales tax calculator to the bottom of your product pages.

The same goes for shipping costs: If you can't eliminate them, include them in your calculator. However, strongly consider offering free shipping: Customers love transparency, and they prefer free shipping over coupon codes and percent-off deals.

2. Display your secure payment options in plain sight

If your customers can't (or won't) pay, you won't make the sale. It's simple enough: If some of your buyers were planning on using PayPal but find out you accept only credit cards, they will have no choice but to search for a store that will accept their preferred payment method.

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Khalid Saleh is a co-founder and the CEO of Invesp, a provider of conversion optimization software and services. His best-selling Conversion Optimization: The Art and Science of Converting Prospects Into Customers, offers a methodology for capturing more customers by creating a fully integrated marketing strategy that has lasting impact.

Twitter: @khalidh

LinkedIn: Khalid Saleh

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  • by Landon Donovan Mon Oct 5, 2015 via web

    Hello Khalid, i like what you have written here. Itís very useful and totally commendable.

    Itís becoming severe day by day, i mean the shopping cart abondonment. We need to think about it seriously. I have read many blogs and posts about it. I must say your check out optimization tips are great and I am going to consider these while building shopping cart in my next online ecommerce website.

    Many thanks.

  • by Retargeting Mon Oct 5, 2015 via web

    Misleading pricing and shipping costs are definitely major deterrents for online shoppers and cited as a high reason for abandonment. Hereís how you can use our trigger to reduce cart abandonment rate

  • by Merlin Wed Oct 7, 2015 via web

    Tips that you have portrayed are very useful Khalid Saleh. Discarding of products from the shopping cart will be minimized if check out process is appropriately implemented.

    Check out page is the main page which changes the visitors of a site into customers. So, it is important have to optimize it for generating sales. Merlin from Bizbilla.

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