Today's successful marketer must stay current on trends, organize digital assets, monitor online conversations, measure ROI, and much more. A well-stocked marketing toolkit is necessary to handle those tasks. And as revenue marketing and content marketing continue to converge, having the right tools and the right people in place is vital.

Keeping up with new technologies and evolving best-practices can be overwhelming; however, to excel, you must drop the fear and tap into those power tools. Here are few to consider:

  • Marketing automation allows companies to track prospects through the funnel and tie actions to revenue.
  • Social listening helps communications teams monitor their social presence and industry trends online.
  • Digital asset management (DAM) software helps marketers better track, manage, and make use of their digital assets.

First, though, be clear about what marketing challenges your organization is facing; only then should you begin to identify and review various technologies.

When you're ready to begin, consider these seven steps for ensuring a smooth marketing technology adoption process:

  1. Create the plan.
  2. Rally the troops.
  3. Organize the team.
  4. Understand the options.
  5. Implement the processes.
  6. Test the processes.
  7. Analyze the data.

1. Create the plan

Make sure you have clearly identified the problem you're looking to solve and you understand the technology's benefit to your business before you move forward. Ask yourself what you and your team need to accomplish. Where are the gaps in your processes and your reporting? Does your lack of social listening leave you vulnerable? Is there a gap between marketing and sales?

If you look to implement a new process or technology and you can't articulate how it will move the business forward, you'll get shut down fast.

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image of Leigh Chesley

Leigh Chesley is senior marketing manager for digital asset management solutions provider North Plains Systems, where she leads demand generation for North America and advises on global marketing technology strategy.

LinkedIn: Leigh Chesley