Your offer can be the difference between making a ton of sales and making nothing. Literally.

Your offer—or, more specifically, how compelling it is—will determine whether or not your target audience will gobble up what you are selling.

Before all else, though, there needs to be a starving crowd in your marketplace that desperately wants what you're offering.

If there is no starving crowd that wants your offer, then you will make no money: No matter how good your product. No matter how many hours you slaved away creating it. No matter how talented the direct response marketers on your team.

So let's say that there is a starving crowd in your marketplace. You need three things to craft a compelling offer that will make your target audience care:

  1. You need a solution that helps them solve a problem.
  2. You need to know their deepest desire.
  3. You need an irresistible guarantee that removes any buyer risk and instills confidence in your offer.

What is your target audience's biggest problem?

Creating a compelling offer begins with understanding what your target audience's biggest problem is. Without that, you'll never be able to create an offer that gets their attention. And if you are unable to get the attention of your prospects, then you'll never make sales.

You need to create an offer that resonates with your target audience. Anything less, and you'll be ignored.

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Leigh Hankin is a daring direct response copywriter (Boldly Crafted Words) for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Twitter: @boldcraftedword

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