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Marketing leaders at B2B organizations communicate directly with their Sales counterparts to review quantity and quality of inbound leads, to apprise one another of upcoming promotions and sales enablement initiatives and objectives, and to strategically determine the most effective ways for their teams to work together to benefit the organization as a whole.

But, often, these meetings don't include a topic that is possibly the most important of all: existing customers.


Sales teams are hardwired to focus on getting new leads into the pipeline, and they want marketing to partner with them to make that happen. Marketers want that, too. However, it is important to not lose sight of your current customers. After all, they are the ones who got you this far!

Here are six ways in which aligning sales and marketing goals with your current customers can mean the difference between meeting your quarterly goals and hoping next quarter will be better.

1. Use personas to segment your communication

Marketers invest in marketing automation or email marketing systems so that they can track their emails and ensure that they aren't bombarding their database with too many emails. That's all great, but inevitably Marketing unknowingly blasts an account that Sales has an active opportunity with. And it gets noticed, because it is a communication that's at odds with the customer's relationship with the company. The customer ends up thinking, "Don't they know me by now?"

Marketing and Sales need to divide the customer base into personas and regularly discuss the buying behavior of each persona. From there, a plan to communicate with valued information to each persona can be developed that keeps customer engagement high. In addition, the email communication plan should be transparent to Sales so that it can flag active opportunities—to have them removed from communications during the sales cycle if doing so makes sense.

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Trisha Winter is the founder of Focused B2B. She is a former SaaS CMO who helps B2B companies identify and connect with target buyers to drive revenue.

Twitter: @TrishaWinter

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