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Marketers, looking for ways to take your branding strategy to the next level? Here are 35 ideas and examples of brands that are doing it right.

1. Go full-on Branson

Virgin Group gets brand extensions right, creating new products in categories such as airlines, hotels, communications, and banking. Not all of those ventures succeed, but they are always aligned with Virgin's daring attitude and tone of voice.

2. Adapt your formula to meet consumer concerns

Once, Aspartame was OK. Now, consumers are worried it might be dangerous for their health. PepsiCo has announced it will stop using aspartame as a sweetener in its drinks.

3. Attack your competition

That's risky, but also memorable. Apple and Microsoft have engaged in a series of ads comparing each other's products. If you think you might lose, better skip this one.

4. Partner up

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image of Isadora Badi

Isadora Badi is director of brand marketing at Wyndham Hotel Group. She has worked in brand marketing in the telecommunications, logistics, and hospitality industries in several countries. She blogs at Are we "abroad" yet?

LinkedIn: Isadora Badi