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Some marketers would tell you that salespeople are babies who need structure and boundaries, and can't be trusted with the nuances of storytelling. As a marketer and former sales representative, I disagree: A more accurate—and less demeaning—portrayal of salespeople would be that they are renegades.

So much of selling has in the past relied on the individual salesperson who was almost exclusively responsible for his or her own destiny: "Only I know my territory. Only I know my process. Only I know my clients."

Which is why it's easy to see why sales reps roll their eyes when asked to align with Marketing and work together with those dreaded "creative types."

I've seen how that alignment between two departments isn't always smooth. But I've also seen, firsthand, that it can work. And when it does, it works really well.

To Align Sales and Marketing, Try 'Story-Selling'

For "story-selling" (which is as it sounds: selling with stories), Marketing and Sales work together. They are co-storytellers.

Marketing creates the blueprint or outline of the story, and Sales does the actual storytelling, provides examples from personal experience, and brings the passion that fuels the emotional connection with the client.

Think of the process as a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book.

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Melissa Andrews is VP of marketing at Mediafly, an enterprise software company that provides a secure, cross-platform content distribution solution for sales and marketing functions.

Twitter: @MandrewsDigital

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