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Two popular content-curation tools shut down earlier this year: Buffer announced it would be closing its content suggestions feature, and Swayy was acquired by SimilarWeb, which led to the tool's shuttering.

Sharing great content, particularly via social media, can seem like an uphill task without tools like Buffer and Swayy, so here are six other tools you can use to keep your social media pages buzzing with great content.


Pocket is a smart-bookmarking service that lets you save articles, videos, and images for later use. The tool also comes with a useful browser extension; once you install it, each time you come across a video, an article, or image you'd like to use, all you have to do is click on the Pocket icon on your taskbar to save an item.

The tool is particularly useful to content marketers and social media managers who end up spending a significant amount of time online, but don't always have the time to read an interesting article as soon as they find it. It also lets you archive or delete saved items.

Pocket makes it easy to organize content with the use of tags. If you're going to be using Pocket, it's a good idea to add tags to each item when you read/view it. Doing so makes it more accessible should you want to revisit it in future.

Items saved to Pocket can be shared individually on Twitter and Facebook.

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Vasudha Veeranna is a copywriter who contributes to the DrumUp blog, where she writes extensively about content marketing and social media marketing.

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