Most salespeople don't like using customer relationship management (CRM) systems; ask any CRM expert, and they'll tell you the same.

Interacting with prospects is simply much more attractive than spending time and energy learning how to use difficult software or entering volumes of data—things that take away from time salespeople could spend, well, selling. But is there more to it?

At Software Advice, we speak with organizations that contact us looking for information on CRM software. So we wanted to find out exactly what salespeople don't like about their CRM systems and how businesses can choose a system their teams will actually use. We conducted a survey of 152 salespeople who are CRM software users, and for additional insight we spoke to Brent Leary, co-founder and partner of CRM Essentials LLC, a CRM advisory firm.

But before we go on to specific CRM systems your salespeople will enjoy using, let's first take a look at precisely what users don't like about them.

What Salespeople Don't Like

We began by asking salespeople what they generally dislike about CRM software. Then, we asked them what discourages them most from using their own system. (Respondents were filtered to only include those who aren't completely satisfied with their CRM system.)

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Luke Wallace is a market research associate at Software Advice. He has worked as a researcher and strategist at Facebook, Mercedes-Benz, and the American Cancer Society.

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