We've known for some time now that one-size-fits-all marketing is dead. But that shift has left companies scrambling to identify an effective, targeted approach to marketing to specific customers. And it's an understandable problem. Targeting a niche too small will cut out too many paying customers, and targeting a segment too large will scatter brand messaging across the board.

American casinos are living out this dilemma right now. New casino development has moved away from the traditional hubs in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, leaving them to compete on a national scale for customers who have been slowing their spending overall. On top of that, Caesars Entertainment has gone bankrupt, and more and more customers are choosing to gamble online.

Fortunately, there's one approach that casinos—and other brands—can use to target a large segment of customers without ostracizing the rest: multicultural group advertising.

Multicultural Group Advertising in Casinos

It might seem like ethnic advertising is made up of a jumble of outdated stereotypes, but the data says otherwise. In the case of failing casinos, there's evidence that the ethnic consumer has a proportionally higher propensity to gamble and makes up the majority of populations in all major urban feeder markets. Asian-American, Hispanic, and African-American consumers all provide real growth opportunities for this industry.

What's more, hubs like Las Vegas and Atlantic City still see significant growth from the international consumer. As much as 19% of Vegas' revenue is from international travelers—mainly from China and Latin America.

These customers don't just come to Las Vegas for the casinos; they want the entire experience, from luxury shopping to unique dining to flashy shows. Casinos can tap into these specific ethnic markets by creating international strategies that appeal to customers who love experiencing something different from what they're used to.

How to Target Your Marketing Toward Various Cultures

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Luba Tolkachyov is a co-founder of Gravity, an award-winning advertising agency focused on cultural marketing, and an Inc. 500 company two years in a row.

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