Brands with a portion or the bulk of their sales coming from an indirect sales model have a unique set of marketing challenges, but this sector of business should be rejoicing in the current age of through-channel marketing automation.

Instead, as report after report shows, a growth-stifling disconnect exists between brand marketers and local channel partners that sell the brand's products or services.

For brands without a real strategy going into the new year, revenue projections may well remain unobtainable in 2016. So here are 10 essential steps to achieving revenue growth, next year and beyond.

1. Go hyper-local

Your customers are already shopping in a particular ZIP code: Engage them right where they are with a co-branded experience they know and trust—you and your local channel partner.

2. Apply brand rules to local marketing efforts

Scalable, customized marketing automation is the key. Set the rules and have the local partner enroll in the available campaigns. Plug-and-play apps offer simplified delivery with sophisticated data and analytics to measure ROI.

3. Retarget with impact

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image of Gary Ritkes

Gary Ritkes is the president of SproutLoud Media Networks, a leading through-channel marketing automation provider based in Sunrise, FL.

LinkedIn: Gary Ritkes