Influencer marketing was the "it" marketing tactic of 2015. But it's not as easy as it might sound, especially when you're working with high-level influencers for complex social campaigns. Add multiple stakeholders to the mix, and it becomes even more involved.

Whether you are working with influencers from Twitter, Vine, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, you'll need to take a host of factors into consideration before getting started with these social all-stars.

From establishing goals and identifying influencers to managing the process and measuring your success—oh, and don't forget the legalities of it all, too—here are some key steps for launching a social media influencer campaign.

1. Get all stakeholders on the same page

Before you begin identifying influencers or reaching out to them, align your internal and external teams and set expectations for the campaign. Doing so includes defining your audience, setting campaign goals, and establishing roles:

  • Audience: Whom do you want to reach? Who is your target demographic? The answers will help you determine which social networks to target.
  • Campaign goals: What will your key performance indicators be for the campaign? Is your goal based on engagement, conversion, share of voice?
  • Roles: Who will do what in each part of the campaign process? Assigning roles throughout the planning, identification, outreach, and measurement process is critical, especially with larger or multiple teams.

Allow time for a few hiccups along the way, too.

2. Create an influencer archetype

Sit down with all stakeholders to define your ideal influencer. Assign quantifiable metrics to that archetype, based on the goal of the campaign. Nail down specifics such as...

  • Reach (how many followers your ideal influencer has)
  • Resonance (how his/her message is shared within social communities)
  • Relevance (his/her contextual fit)

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image of Jessica King

Jessica King is a client solutions adviser at ClearVoice, a creator marketplace and content platform with intelligence tools.

LinkedIn: Jessica King

Twitter: @JessiKingAZ