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When you have worked as a UX consultant for 15 years and counting, you fix a lot of mistakes.

In this article, I'll cover seven mistakes that I come across regularly, and I will include simple strategies to help you overcome them.

If you decide to fix even one of the following mistakes, you will see better results for you and your business.

Important: Don't try to solve all of the mistakes at once. Pick the one strategy that your team or organization will be most receptive to. Help them get used to doing things a different way, and seeing the benefits, before moving on to the next one.

Mistake 1: Focusing on Competitors Within Your Industry Only

Look outside your vertical first. Unless you're in a cutting-edge design industry/vertical such as consumer travel or food delivery, chances are the best-in-class online experiences are happening outside your vertical.

It used to be that customers compared your offering to that of your competitors, especially in the B2B world. Now, they compare you to Amazon, Airbnb, Spotify, or the like—the "places" where they spend 80% of their time.

By looking outside the vertical, you also understand how your customers are viewing you in context of other choices in their lives.

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Subir Kumedan is a user experience architect who drives business results by mapping customer journeys and designing sticky user experiences. He has delivered results for Apple, eBay, Leapfrog, Visa, and others. Get his battle-tested customer experience strategies.

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