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Four Practical Segmentation Tips for B2B Marketers

by Ed King  |  
February 1, 2016

Congratulations! You have invested in a customer relationship management (CRM) and a marketing automation platform (MAP). You are capturing leads and running campaigns.

Ready for more? Your next mission, if you choose to accept it, is segmentation.

In this article we'll explore four ways segmentation can improve demand generation, along with four practical tips on what and how to segment.

Segmentation Is Key to Demand Generation

Segmentation is the foundation of...

  1. Your ideal customer profile and target accounts lists: The best prospects are often those who resemble your existing customers. Segmentation enables you to build a target account list based on data, not wishful thinking.
  2. Account-based marketing (ABM): B2B marketing is a highly account-centric activity, but MAPs are designed to market to individual leads. Use job level and job function segmentation to find gaps in account penetration and coverage.
  3. Targeted campaigns and personalized engagements: MAPs can enable personalized engagements via targeted campaigns, but only if you have good segmentation.
  4. Easier suppression: Knowing whom not to target is as important as knowing whom to target. Don't ruin your engagement rate, KPIs, and sender score/reputation by marketing to non-receptive leads.

Now that we know why segmentation is important, here are four practical ways to go about it.

1. Job Level

Is your lead C-level, an executive, a manager, or an individual contributor? Job level segmentation reveals the role a lead plays in the buying process.

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Ed King is the founder and CEO of Openprise, a data orchestration SaaS company. He has over 20 years of experience in enterprise software.

Twitter: @ekwking

LinkedIn: Ed King

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  • by Ryan Mon Feb 1, 2016 via web

    With B2B having such a long sales cycle, I think it's important to include the new ability to target individual users on platforms like Adwords and Adroll (and soon to be organization / companies with LinkedIn) as this allows us to drive pipeline and shorten this sales cycle. This allows us to target users who are already in the sales pipeline (Lead, MQL, SAL) and present them with a different message compared to somebody who has not yet been added to the CRM (different areas of the funnel).

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