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Blurred Lines: When Marketing, PR, and Content Overlap

by Aly Saxe  |  
March 17, 2016

From social selling to new opportunities with mobile advertising, every marketing organization now has a cornucopia of channels through which to work its magic.

Yet, different channels and opportunities demand different skills, and the effort needed to coordinate all the necessary components and team members is immense. It can be confusing at best, unproductive at worst.

Let's take a simple example: an infographic.

You've compiled the information and applied beautiful design. Now what? You probably have 10 different channels to send it through. Should one person own every channel and strategy for promotion? I mean, it's just a simple infographic, right?

The answer is "no," and here's why.

Your content marketer who created the infographic may not know the ins and outs of expertly targeting social media to drive traffic to the infographic. Your social media maven may not understand why including a link in your email campaign to the infographic is critical to nurturing certain leads. And you might think that blasting the infographic out to a list of media contacts will get the it reposted by top bloggers, but you wouldn't be nearly as successful in securing media coverage as your PR teammate would.

It wasn't always this hard, was it?

More choices and more disciplines mean more room for confusion. But don't worry. Drawing lines in the marketing sand is not as tedious as it sounds.

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Aly Saxe is CEO of Iris PR, a cloud-based SaaS platform designed by PR pros for PR pros.

LinkedIn: Aly Saxe

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  • by Bret Rachlin Thu Mar 17, 2016 via web

    Excellent article, Aly. You provide great examples of how PR and marketing people should collaborate. While there's a potential for professionals to be territorial, especially with regards to content development, it's likely that companies would benefit from cross training their marketing and PR people, so that both groups can recognize opportunities to involve their colleagues. It's great to have domain expertise, but progressive companies will make sure that their team members know enough about other disciplines to bring in experts as needed, increasing the chances of successful campaigns.

  • by James Rendell Sun Mar 20, 2016 via web

    Great article Aly. I agree completely that the plethora of marketing channels at a marketers disposal today means they need to understand how to effectively integrate them to get a maximum benefit. This is why we have seen a rise in inbound marketing as a discipline in recent years. However, purely adopting inbound as a solution doesn't work for everyone either. I wrote a blog article on it recently - I'd love to get your thoughts on it.

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