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Nine Ways to Cut the Fat From Your Performance Marketing Programs

by Tracy Kemmer  |  
March 23, 2016

Marketing departments no longer get a free pass; they need to deliver measurable results.

New technology, new business models, and new expectations have given rise to the discipline of performance marketing, and for each dollar they spend marketers must now show corresponding results.

Performance marketing demands objective ways to evaluate what's working and what's not in relation to vendors, channels, media, and creative. Marketers need granular metrics like CTR, CPC, and CPA, as well as high-level indicators like ROAS (return on ad spend), that demonstrate how particular strategies and tactics affect the bottom line, profit margins, and cost efficiency.

Today, that means omnichannel measurement. Tracking how one channel functions in isolation no longer works. Marketers not only need to understand how channels work together but also to drill down into the nuances that provide actionable insight.

A successful performance marketing program marries the detailed metrics with the business KPIs, using the former to drive the latter.

With that in mind, here are nine advanced optimization techniques that can help you cut the fat from your performance marketing programs.

1. Identify low-contribution channels

Cross-channel measurement programs typically look at which channels led to an eventual conversion. That's great, but not all touchpoints are created equal. It's critical to learn which channels actually contributed to the action, not only which ones were somehow involved.

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Tracy Kemmer is director of client services at Conversion Logic. She has worked in the marketing attribution field since its infancy, helping organizations thread together user paths and algorithmic data to find actionable business insights.

LinkedIn: Tracy Kemmer

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  • by Adam Townley Fri Sep 16, 2016 via web

    Good article in the way it summarises the approach. If I was sitting as CMO or CFO you would get my attention because you had articulated a range of approaches. My next question would be how are you going to execute and my sense is that's where it gets harder. For a few of those initiatives it would be more straight forward such as keywords but establishing baseline (which would be incredibly valuable as a driver for investment business business cases) is where it gets very subjective and much harder. What would be helpful would be case studies for each of the above initiatives linked back to a revenue and cost line - then you really really get the CFOs attention in terms of performance.

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