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You signed up for Twitter about three years ago...

You have spurts of activity and you post a couple of articles with a couple of hashtags decided on in that very moment...

You occasionally post a picture when you're out for dinner with your other infrequently tweeting friends...

And after those three years your follower numbers are still in the low hundreds, and you connect with new people only on a monthly basis.

Does that sound familiar? Good, because you are in the right place.

Because I used to be like that too... until I figured out how to connect with people every hour. Use the following five free hacks, and in a couple of weeks you will, too.

1. Auto DMs

I dislike automating human interactions, and I used to scowl at anyone on Twitter who used auto DM (direct message). However, there is a way to use auto DMs (I use the function in Crowdfire) without completely alienating your new follower. Check this out:

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Tom Hunt is a TEDx speaker, Dragons' Den failure, and Internet entrepreneur. He believes that entrepreneurship, marketing, and decentralization are becoming increasingly important, so he writes about them on the Internet MBA blog.

Twitter: @tomhuntio