In PPC advertising, landing pages are crucial to performance. But it's not just any landing page that will work for your industry or company. You can read all the advice you want and apply all the supposed best-practices that experts tout, but sometimes those practices do the opposite of what you want.

They hurt your PPC conversion rates.

So with all the PPC landing page tips out there, how do you prioritize your A/B testing to achieve the best results, as quickly as possible?

Let's dive in some uncommon ways to do that.

PPC Landing Page Tip No. 1: Add more fields and steps

Sounds super-counterintuitive right?

The common landing page best-practices tell you that removing fields improves conversion rates, and the experts say it, too:

It makes sense. Until it doesn't...

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Johnathan Dane is founder and CEO of KlientBoost, which helps companies through intelligent PPC marketing and creative landing page design and testing.

LinkedIn: Johnathan Dane

Twitter: @Johnathan Dane