Sarah wakes up at precisely 6:43 AM. She proceeds to hit the snooze button until 7:03, when she rolls over and beings scrolling through a news app on her iPhone 6.

By 7:15 she's in the shower singing that Adele song she can't seem to get out of her head.

At some point between 7:15 AM and the end of the day, she buys your product.

Whether Sarah sang Adele or Taylor Swift in the shower that morning probably didn't have any bearing on her decision to make a purchase from you that day.

So what did?

In the B2B space, where you have multiple stakeholders involved in purchasing decisions, the answer to that question becomes even more complicated—and even more important to figure out.

Knowing what motivates your customers' purchasing decisions is essential for building a successful inbound marketing campaign. Marketing to the wrong person could mean your content isn't getting in front of the eyes of the people who might actually buy what you're selling.

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image of Carly Schoonhoven

Carly Schoonhoven is a content marketing coordinator for Iterate Marketing in Portland, OR.

Twitter: @carlyobscura

Linkedin: Carly Schoonhoven