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Marketers in every industry are facing a challenge: They need to drive business results effectively and efficiently, using data-derived insights to inform their marketing strategy.

To do that, as a CMO or marketing manager you and your team need to work in tandem with other departments in the company—particularly the chief information officer (CIO) and the IT team—to ensure that marketing programs and campaigns achieve their intended results.

Follow these 10 steps to transform your team into a juggernaut of marketing success.

10. Show your team why data matters

From Finance to Sales and Operations, today's companies are data-driven. Retailers use marketing optimization to identify ideal customers, while lawyers use data aggregation software to prepare for major upcoming cases.

Marketers, too, need high-quality data to execute successful campaigns. By educating your colleagues about the critical business roles filled by data insights, you'll encourage them to actively help build an environment powered by analytics.

9. Foster a collaborative CMO-CIO relationship

Only half of CMOs and CIOs collaborate on joint projects, Forrester Research reports. Meanwhile, only 46% of marketing leaders and 51% of technology leaders have shared views about the ways customers interact with company touch points. According to Forrester's analysts, an essential part of establishing a competitive advantage in any field is cooperation between marketing and IT teams.

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image of Victoria Godfrey

Victoria Godfrey is CMO at Avention, provider of real-time actionable B2B data (acquired by Dun & Bradstreet). Previously, she ran her own marketing and research company, Godfrey Research, and served as CMO of Zipcar. She teaches marketing at Tufts University.

LinkedIn: Victoria Godfrey