Back in the day, popups used to be the bane of the Web and deservedly earned a bad rap. Fast-forward to the present, and popups are considered an excellent way to capture your visitor's attention and significantly improve your conversion rates.

But they're a big responsibility, too; and if not done properly, they could still annoy your customers and ruin the customer experience.

So, if you're thinking of using popups on your e-commerce or other types of site, here are few tips for using them effectively.

1. Make it easy to close

The goal of a popup is to convert online shoppers or visitors—not to annoy them. Popups with inactive or hidden close buttons leave no choice for your customers but to leave the site. So don't go for the hard-sell; give your customers an easy way out.

If you give your visitors the option to easily close down the popup, there'll be fewer hard feelings and minimal increase in your bounce rate. Make sure your popup displays a prominent close button at the top right-hand corner, which is where users expect that button to be.

2. Design your popups to fit your brand

The design of your popups should match your brand's look and feel. If your popups are not consistent with the rest of the site layout, they will look spammy to shoppers and site visitord.

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image of Reshu Rathi

Reshu Rathi is the director of marketing at MarketJoy, a B2B sales development company.

LinkedIn: Reshu Rathi

Twitter: @reshurathi