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As digital marketing has gone mobile, call conversions have skyrocketed. That's because smartphones are, after all, still phones, and using a click-to-call button is the fastest and most natural way for consumers to connect with businesses. Why else would calls from search, social, and display advertising be expected to exceed 162 billion by the end of 2019?

But those calls, though often the most lucrative type of conversion, are also the most difficult for marketers to measure and optimize.

Call attribution software provides visibility into how all your digital marketing channels drive call conversions, who those callers are, and their impact on revenue; in short, it provides call tracking, call analytics, call intelligence, or call insights—whichever term you prefer.

The software integrates with the marketing platforms you already use to track and optimize online interactions, allowing you to optimize your digital strategy, messaging, and media spend to drive more clicks, calls, and customers.

Here's a basic lesson in call attribution, including how it works and how it benefits every type of marketer.

What is call attribution software?

It's a form of conversion tracking technology for marketers. Digital marketers use call attribution software to optimize for the channels, search keywords, ads, emails, Web pages, and online content that generate the most customer calls.

Who uses it? Digital marketers at businesses of all sizes in all industries use call attribution software. It is especially popular with Fortune 1000 and other large multi-location companies where phone calls play an important role in the customer journey. Marketing teams at those companies (and the agencies they partner with) drive thousands of calls a week from search, display, social, and other digital sources, and they need attribution to know how best to optimize.

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image of Susan Bryant

Susan Bryant is CMO at DialogTech, a call attribution and analytics company, where she is responsible for overall corporate marketing.

LinkedIn: Susan Bryant

Twitter: @szbryant