No longer viewed as simple systems and processes for basic asset handling and archiving, digital asset management (DAM) has expanded into the functional areas of digital workflow management and digital rights management.

Now armed with self-service client portals and seamless integration into content-dependent enterprise systems and creative tools, along with specialized video asset handling, DAM is truly creating exciting new possibilities for creative directors.

If you're looking to tap into those possibilities and need to justify an enterprise DAM investment, look no further than the following top 7 reasons creative directors need DAM.

1. Remove workflow bottlenecks

Digital asset management presents a compelling opportunity for creative directors who are tired of wasting creative resources hunting for, locating, reformatting, and emailing assets.

Creative departments often learn through their first DAM deployment, or major DAM upgrade, that once you put in the effort, new workflow processes greatly speed and improve the overall quality of digital asset flow across departments and channels. Works in progress and final approved content can be made available real-time, without delayed file transfers log-jamming the system.

That's because with enterprise DAM in place, collaborators no longer need to wait for face-to-face meetings; they can instead respond naturally within the rhythms of their day-to-day schedule, as creative assets flow through the system, across organizations, geographies, and time zones. That helps free up time for creative directors to do their number-one job: directing creative, not getting bogged-down in logistics.

2. Engage distributed teams

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image of Leslie Weller

Leslie Weller is director of marketing for digital asset management firm Canto, which helps marketers, brand managers, product managers, and content managers make better use of massive amounts of digital content.

LinkedIn: Leslie Weller

Twitter: @Leslie_Weller