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A consistently successful e-commerce site depends on myriad factors, and it is near on impossible to control all of them to guarantee success, but one thing you can do is to plug the holes that drain your sales.

Before all else, then, you must get those basics right. Make sure you're not undermining your e-commerce sales in any of the following eight ways.

1. Having an Unusably Slow Website

If your website is being served to people at a cripplingly slow pace, they aren't going to stick around long. A few persevering shoppers may battle through a couple of clicks, but in the end they'll fall to the wayside.

A study by Kissmetrics found that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load! And we haven't even touched on the potential search engine ranking problems because of slow load speed.

Use Google's PageSpeed Insights tool to see how your website performs; and if the results are bad, speak to a Web developer who may be able to enable compression, minify CSS and Javascript, apply browser caching, and try anything else to reduce load times and increase average time on site (and, hopefully, conversions).

2. Confusing Navigation

Have you ever been in a store that's laid out like a maze? No? that's because shops want people to buy things from them, not spend all day walking around in circles before giving up.

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Danny Watkinson is digital marketing manager at Dijitul Marketing. He is a digital strategist, marketer, and SEO in the UK and has worked for Dijitul since entering the industry 2010.

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