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Buyer Personas: How Much Detail Is Too Much?

by Marcus Schaller  |  
November 7, 2016

At what point does a buyer persona mutate from a useful marketing tool into a meaningless collection of bullet points, stock headshots, and random guesses?

Are your buyer personas drowning in details? How much information is too much, and what do we truly need to know about our prospects to motivate them to respond?

Why too much detail does more harm than good

It wastes time

Researching and interviewing customers can take up a lot of time. The more research you need to do, the less likely it is that you'll get around to actually doing it.

It distracts you from what's important

Generic persona templates tend to be loaded down with obscure details, and many of them may well be useless for your specific situation. Filler that doesn't add value to your marketing process steals attention away from the insights that do matter.

It complicates the decision-making process

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Marcus Schaller is a freelance copywriter who helps companies create concise, persuasive, and engaging marketing for today's overwhelmed prospects.

LinkedIn: Marcus Schaller

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  • by Neil Mahoney Mon Nov 7, 2016 via web

    I agree with the concept. Focus you sales effort and messages on the most-important factors depending on the products you sell. But these factors will differ based upon your products and markets.

  • by Vivek sharma Mon Nov 7, 2016 via mobile

    I'm completely agree with the concept what they gonna tell about the buyers. Focuses on the sales and growth of the Business

  • by Randy Milanovic Mon Nov 7, 2016 via web

    The most overlooked detail: Life Stage.
    Many a campaign has failed by not taking into consideration the stage of life the prospect may be in - it affects their decision making and their perspective.

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