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A positioning health-check will tell you how effective your B2B positioning really is—and B2B marketers desperately need a realistic way to judge their positioning effectiveness.

Although 69% of 137 respondents to a survey I'm conducting think they are doing a good job of positioning, many are kidding themselves. I did health-checks on 24 websites of respondents who judged their positioning to be "effective" or "very effective," and found that only six are doing it effectively. The other 18 websites are doing a marginal or poor job of positioning.

Why the disconnect? One reason may be that there has been no objective, standardized way of evaluating positioning effectiveness.

But now you can conduct your own positioning health-check by answering the questions listed below. The health-check overcomes preconceived notions about positioning effectiveness and gives you a proven way to realistically perform an assessment.

First, though, let's dig a little to see what else might be at the root of the problem.

Why B2B Marketers Might Not Be Positioning Effectively

Another reason survey respondents might think they are doing a good job of positioning is that they don't realize it's not something done seat-of-the-pants. Only 44% of respondents have a formal process for positioning; 68% either learned positioning on the job or by trial and error. Very few learned it in college.

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