Company: BabyCenter
Contact: Heather Wajer, Senior Marketing Manager
Location: San Francisco
Industry: B2C Internet company
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 100

Quick read:

When a top Web site took a close look its landing pages, company officials noticed something unacceptable: The landing page for the company's most popular search term converted about 30 percent less frequently than the company's general landing page.

By simultaneously testing four new versions of the landing page, the site was able to ensure relevance, increasing conversions 67%—and decreasing abandonment rates to boot.

For any marketer who struggles to make ads and landing pages directly relevant to the consumer's search, this case study provides valuable insight.


Because "baby names" accounts for such a large slice of BabyCenter's traffic—about 11 of its top 20 paid search keyphrases are related to that phrase—and because the annual baby-name list would be released in December, Senior Marketing Manager Heather Wajer and her team spent the early fall of last year looking at landing page conversions (i.e., user registration).

Of the site's two landing pages, the baby-names landing page converted at a rate about 30% lower than the general paid search landing page. Moreover, abandonment of the baby-names page hovered at some 40%.

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