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Company: Professional Tool Manufacturing
Contact: Kevin Blodgett, Director of Marketing
Location: Ashland, Oregon
Industry: Manufacturing, B2C
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 80

Quick Read:

How do you sell a niche product with a limited potential audience? Try an in depth-television infomercial. Professional Tool Manufacturing's infomercial for Drill Doctor, a drill-bit sharpening machine, is one of the longest-running infomercials in TV history. It has consistently driven retail sales—more than two million Drill Doctors have been sold—while substantially saving advertising costs.

Professional Tool Manufacturing and its direct response television (DRTV) agency Atomic Direct created an award-winning infomercial by avoiding the traditional yell-and-sell approach and instead honing in on communicating the benefits of drill-bit sharpening to a sophisticated, do-it-yourself audience.

The Challenge:

Overcome a limited market of radio and print to increase distribution and drive retail sales for a niche product: Drill Doctor, Professional Tool Manufacturing's drill-bit sharpener.


Picture this: You're knee-deep into an afternoon home-improvement project, and halfway through your drill bit goes dull. Work comes to a grinding halt. You can either abandon the job altogether or get in the car and head to a home-improvement store for a new bit.

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