Company: Siemens Medical Solutions
Contact: Inga Broerman, director global interactive, customer communications
Location: Location: Malvern, Pennsylvania
Industry: B2B
Annual revenue: $12,000,000,000
Number of employees: 41000

Quick Read:

Siemens Medical Solutions, which provides imaging systems, patient monitors, and other medical instruments for hospitals and doctor's offices, considered itself perhaps the most proactive unit of Siemens AG. It rolled out almost 1,000 marketing campaigns a year, but getting buy-in from other entities within the organization for all those campaigns could be difficult.

Siemens Medical's customer communications group decided to roll out a test to prove an industry theory about landing pages—that too many links on a landing page distract from the main offer.

If the tests proved that Siemens Medical Solutions were correct, it would have evidence that would reduce internal push-back on future campaigns and allow for the creation of a new template for landing pages while simultaneously increasing conversions.

The Challenge:

Siemens Medical Solutions is a highly matrixed organization, reporting both to Siemens USA and to parent Siemens AG in Germany. Because Siemens tightly controls its brand, there is little room for testing and experimentation in terms of how campaigns must look.

"We have a very locked-down style guide," said Inga Broerman, director global interactive, customer communications for Siemens Medical. "We have set font types, set placement of the image. So testing must be more related to the content and the offers."

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