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Company: Personal Creations
Contact: Nancy White, Director of E-commerce
Location: Lemont, Ill.
Industry: Retail, B2C
Annual revenue: $50,000,000
Number of employees: 144

Quick Read:

As a company specializing in customizable gifts, Lemont, IL-based Personal Creations knew a thing or two about personalization. It also understood the power of offering product suggestions—or upsells—to personalize customer shopping experiences and increase sales.

The problem was this lean organization, mostly made up of warehouse staff, didn't have the time or resources to hone its online upselling efforts; its customers, accordingly, were presented with generic recommendations (sometimes, of products no longer available) that suppressed the true potential of that technique.

So when an automated solution that would not only take over but also likely improve the time-consuming task became available, Personal Creations chose to try it. Within a year and a half, that decision more than paid for itself, resulting in 25% more online sales conversions than before the implementation, as well as 1.5 times as many items per order and 60% larger order values.


For personalized gifts retailer Personal Solutions, matching up complementary items for a monthly catalog was one thing. Manually serving up suitable recommendations and keeping up with seasonal inventories for real time online sales without any kind of automated process was quite another.

"The whole concept of cross-sells is somewhat labor-intensive when you're doing it on your own," said Nancy White, director of e-commerce at Personal Creations.

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